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Blitz League IIHF-style rankings

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snoboarder3211 currently tops the list with a score of 2945 out of a possible 3000.

Some old retired players such as gr8199kings and minddefect still occupy high spots, distorting the ratings a bit.

I'll make GDL and Classic ratings, too. They should be useful in future leagues for creating conferences and divisions.


At the end of each season, you get points.  The values of the top 10 positions:

Rk   Value	Dif
1	 1200	+40
2	 1160	+40
3	 1120	+20
4	 1100	+40
5	 1060	+20
6	 1040	+20
7	 1020	+20
8	 1000	+40
9	  960	+20
10	 940	+20

From 11 onwards the difference is always 20 points

15 GP in a season are required to qualify (unless you are a replacement who makes the playoffs, in which case you qualify)
Each playoff series win, the teams get 'reseeded' in the rankings, so in the end, the champion is 1st, runner up 2nd, and semi-finalists 3rd and 4th based on Pts%.
The remaining spots are filled in based on regular season performance.
The top two B coaches, I rank ahead of the bottom 2 A coaches in each season.
Missing past seasons are filled in using the next more recent season's point value minus 20.
Missing 'future' seasons are filled in with a somewhat complicated formula that slowly decays their ranking.

The TOTAL VALUE is calculated by adding the values from each previous season, but previous seasons depreciate according to this table:

Example: Value of 1st place
Season 1: 100% value -- 1200 points
Season 2:  75% value --  900 points
Season 3:  50% value --  600 points
Season 4:  25% value --  300 points
Season 5:   0% value --	0 points

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and ur happy about that?

mav hes clearly being sarcastic

why the f**k would he happy about that

on the flip side he does get the 1st pick of the draft this year:)

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