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RIP Bob Probert :(


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Didn't think I'd be returning like this, but...

Former NHL enforcer Bob Probert died after collapsing in a boat in Ontario on Monday, police told The Windsor Star. He was 45.

OPP spokeswoman Shawna Coulter told the paper that emergency crews performed CPR on Probert on the shore of Lake St. Clair in Windsor, Ontario, before transporting him to Windsor Regional Hospital.

While playing for the Detroit Red Wings from 1985-86 to 1993-94, Probert was charged several times with driving under the influence. He also was caught trying to carry cocaine from Canada into the United States, and served a prison term.

He was placed on inactive status for the 1994-95 season after he was involved in a motorcycle accident and tests showed alcohol and cocaine in his system.

Probert retired in November 2003 after 17 seasons with the Red Wings and the Chicago Blackhawks. He finished his career with 163 goals, 384 points and 3,300 penalty minutes -- fourth in NHL history -- in 935 games.

Probert's family has called a 6 p.m. news conference at the hospital.

Credit: ESPN.com & The Associated Press

The greatest fighter in hockey history is dead. Long live Bob Probert.

Bob Probert



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I actually had the honour of shaking this guy's hand.

A real warrior, even if he had to struggle with outside problems.

R.I.P Probert

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RIP. You'll always be one of the all-time greats!

how does fogarty not make your signature? The guy would have been a legend had he not been a drunken streaking mess haha

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I got another ESPN article that fortunately doesn't highlight his negatives. It contains links of Probert's best 5 fights in his career. Enjoy!


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