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[SNES] Olympic roster rom


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Ok the rosters with stats, dresses etc. are done and have been for awile.

Canada, Czechz Republic, Finland, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Swizerland, USA.

Canada > Dallas

Czech Rep. > New Jersey

Finland > Toronto

Germany > Vancouver

Italy > Edmonton

Latvia > Boston

Kazakhstan > Pittsburgh

Russia > Quebec

Slovakia > Montreal

Sweden > Ottawa

Switzerland > Los Angeles

USA > Chicago

I have used 1-3 extra players to fill out the teams that wasn't in the olympics (picked them from the previous world championship). The stats are roughly based on the roster update from http://rosters.arenacenter.net/ for nhl 2001 from 11th of mars. Heh. Though the non-nhl players are mainly made up. Tried to get the jerseys as accurate as possible.. Jersey numbers and stick hands should be 99% accurate. ;)

Well I haven't been able to change either the logos or team banners.. So they are all default. If anyone have any suggestions I'd be greatful...


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generally typing, ROMs posted on this site get downloaded and played.  I am resisting ranting about the forum conversion.  I don't particularly miss the counter.

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On 7/29/2018 at 5:14 AM, themessiah1194 said:

Not being picky, but why not add the nation's names instead of looking for Latvia in Boston?

Uh.. It's about 12 years since I made this, and probably 10 since I last did much/any rom hacking so all I can do is guess.. I think it has to do with the number of letters in a team name. Fitting in a shorter name than an existing is easy, just fill out the rest with blanks/spaces. The other way takes a lot of work to do manually.. The rom editors available nowadays might do it in seconds. :)

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