HOW TO: Make the edit lines ratings match the actual on-ice ratings

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I always thought (SNES) that the range was +/-5 from the base rating. I really wish the (SNES) editor had an overall player rating calculation display built in, as one of the most tedious aspects of running my numbers is in-game checking of the overall rating. once, example guy is 61. next he's 63. third time he's 58. I'm trying to get him to a 68, so I know he's low... but how low? make an adjustment and try again. now he's 68, 68 and 70, so it might be fine, but he might be a 73 and just showing lower each try. I do well enough and move on. a tool showing the actual value would be invaluable for me.

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At least 50 for 50, different teams, players. Figured that was enough to make that determination. Again, it works on the original misreporting of the random ratings. Once fixed through your hack, the hot/cold does NOT match up.

50 sounds like plenty! I am a believer now. I am sorry Ron Barr, you were only wrong, not insanely wrong.

If I understand this correctly, the fact that the bonus is -9 to +8 has some deeper implications. Because you have to divide by 3 and round down, the -9 bonus is the only one that will get you a 3 adjustment. Taking that a step further, there really isn't a range of 18 different bonus attributes, but rather 6 possible adjustments (-3,-2,-1,0,1,2).

Here is a chart that shows what the "under-the-hood" ratings bonus would be for each of the bonus values. I then translate it back into our familiar "0-6" rating scale to make it easier to digest.


The percentages are the chance you have of getting one of those bonuses assuming each bonus has an equal probability of being selected. You'll note that there is more RED here than green (because of that -9), so you are more likely to have a cold player than hot player on any given game. Also, a super-cold player (-9 bonus) is the equivalent of a hot player (+6 -- +8).

Did I get that right? I'm hoping to make Seth's head explode.

Sounds right, according to what I posted before, so I hope I was right before, because I don't remember anymore!

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