Game Copier playing nhl 94 hack on a snes

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I noticed a few posts in the forums discussing the possibilities available when using a game copier to play some of the 94 hacks out there. I purchased this game copier on ebay just before I left for england and have not had very much playing time on it yet. Its a "super pro fighter Q edition" and it seems to work for most NTSC games which don't use FX chips or have special custom programming done to ensure that they will be unplayable on such a device (earthbound). if the games are larger than one disk there is a program called snes tool which allows the user to split the games into pieces and load them on the copier from each disk. needless to say.. I wet myself when I found one for a mere 40 dollars on ebay. macks 2002/03 rom as well as the international juiced rosters rom are the only 94 hacks that I have been able to play thus far (2009 and 2010 roster roms do not work). it was for this reason that I had my custom 09 rosters cartridge made in the first place. anyway, if anyone out there can tell me how I go about fixing the roms so that they work on this copier it would be greatly appreciated.

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Have you compared the checksum routines, or maybe it's the header? I don't have any experience editing the Snes version.

^ This. There is a checksum fixer for SNES. I've fixed the checksum for most of my hacks. So that's probably what you need to do.

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....There is a checksum fixer for SNES. I've fixed the checksum for most of my hacks....

downloaded the one you link to and it is not intuitive. I want to eventually do this for my ROMs, but I need more help than a link to a program. in stupid English, if possible.

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