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Penguins win the 2010 SNES-B Classic Stanley Cup!!!!

Wow, what a great series. Pitt jumped out to an early 3-0 series lead, then Montreal started to put the pressure on. Montreal won some tight games(4&5) to stay alive. Then in game 6 the Pens won to take the cup. I do have to say that I haven't seen so many posts hit by both teams. If they were goals, who knows how it would have changed the series.

Congrats to auggie for making it to the finals and playing a tough, fun series.

Game 1: Pitt 7-4 @Pitt

Game 2: Pitt 4-3ot @Pitt

Game 3: Pitt 7-2 @Mont

Game 4: Mont 3-2 @Mont

Game 5: Mont 6-5ot @Pitt

Game 6: Pitt 4-3 @Mont

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Great stuff from RC69Fab. Have to say, most of those posts were hit by Pittsburgh, with their relentless attack. Took me three games to get my defense under control, but the series was dramatic all the way through.

Pens struck for four second-period goals in Game 1 to erase a 3-1 Habs lead, and the overtime win in Game 2 was a pivotal point in the series.

Again, congrats to the Pens and their gentlemanly manager who's brought a lot of class, energy, and talent to our league as a replacement coach.

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