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Masterof94 vs dangler


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Haha yeah he was pretty good. He wasn't the nicest dude to deal with on these forums tho. I remember one of these finals I had to move away for a construction job from Mon-Fri for 6 months with very terrible wifi so I said I was only available to play on weekends and his response was he was only available on weekdays so we couldn't play lol. Maybe by publicly calling him out like this he'll come back to play our 10 and 12 year old finals.

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8 hours ago, Tickenest said:

I think I beat both of them successively to win the first Capitalism league, in fact :D

Capitalism league! I think that was the first league I played in and I was like WTF is this?? 

 @metzgerism ran that league. What happened to him? I think he's real life friends with Ottawa legend Jamie Baker. 

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On 8/25/2010 at 5:47 PM, halifax said:

Arguably the best two best snes players to play online...I'd like to call it a rematch but....

Fall classic 2008 final - unfinished.....18 months and counting.

Spring classic 2010 final - unfinished....3 weeks and counting.

@dangler you got this bud. I believe in you. 

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