Bad News Baseball 2010 Standings/Results Thread

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Post scores here!

Standings will be updated often.

Here are the official rules

Eleven teams

Each team plays each other twice (20 games total) 1 home 1 away

Post all scores in the Results thread

Top 4 teams make post season*(could change), to play bof7 playoff series.

Or NFL style 6 teams, top 2 seeds get first round bye.











Pitching rules

There are 6 pitchers on each team

Top 4 are starting pitchers

Bottom 2 are relievers

You may pick two Starting pitchers from the top 4 each game, and ANY OF THE TOP 4 who pitches current game CANNOT pitch the next game. Only Relievers (bottom 2) can pitch every game.

For example San Francisco picks 1st Starter MAC, changes to 2nd starter Damian in the 6th, he now cannot pitch either of them the next game.

If you have already picked 2 starters and your final reliever is pitching and you are at bat with this reliever you CANNOT pinch hit for him, he is now your only pitcher and cannot be changed even if it is extra innings.

Initially I wanted to do only 1 starter, but since many of you are new to this game I figure this setup is probably the best and cannot be abused as you lose those pitchers the next game.


Desyncs in this game arent too hard to pick up on usually the team fielding starts fielding retardedly, once you pick up on a desync let the other guy know right away. If score was tied or it was early and both teams agree on a full reset you may do that. If it is later in the game or someone is leading you may have to pretend the 1st inning is wherever you left off, team losing may also forfeit the game with the current score.

Desyncs arent very common though, but are probably at the same rate as nhl94.


Player 1 is only one that can skip intros and cut screens as well as confirm player 2 lineup

So player 1 should try to skip all intros and most of the cut scenes as it just wastes time.

Also player 2 once you have set your lineup goto the top of the lineup and press right and left to signal your ready for player 1 to press start.




MIN (1,3) 2 @ TOR 4 (1,2)

Either put the name of two starters (top 4 pitchers on roster) that were used in the game or their ranking in pitching order.

First game of home n home does not really matter if you list because opponent should know but for 2nd game it matters for the new opponent.

Remember the pitching rules!

There are some issues with nestopia right now with controls not working at all sometimes, if you can find a better emulator for netplay post it here. There are a few that are good but might require port forwarding.

This is also the wrong forum for this, I don't know where to put this. mods maybe make a subsection for NES games or Bad News Baseball League in the active leagues section, thanks!

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Season kicked off at Fenway Park and Wrigley field

CHI 17 (1st)

BOS 4 (1st/3rd)

BOS 11 (2nd/4th)

CHI 14 (2nd/4th)

gm2 was epic slugfest, with bos demolishing chicago's starter and going to 7-0 lead but chi came back and eventually took a 10-8 lead when bos cameback with homers to tie it at 10-10 and eventually went up 11-10, chicago tied it 11-11 and then got a big 3 run inning in the bottom of the 8th to go up for good. GGs.

Chi and bos have 1st and 3rd pitchers available next gm

Lets see some more games played.

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used virtuanes works great, if you port forward or use hamachi, i put up details in the other thread. Also set delay to 4.



CHI 8 (2ND)

DET 1 (2ND)


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2nd Game between me and fbp

NY 3 (3rd, 1st, 4th)

Min 9 (2nd)

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Game 1:

NY (Flaming Pavel Bure)- 7

ATl (Iceguy94)- 8

GG.Please let me know when you want game 2.

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Minnesota vs San Francisco

Game 1

SF 0 (1st)

Min 13(4th)

Only 2 innings needed in this one

Game 2

Min 12(2nd)

SF 1 (2nd)

3 innings needed

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Game 1:

Atlanta (ICE94) - 11

St. Louis (NJK) - 15

Game 2 will come later

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Min 12 (3rd, 1st)

BOS 7(1st, 3rd)

Min 9 (4th, 2nd)

BOS 8 (2nd, 4th)

Second game was back and forth. really tight game

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Game 1

Minnesota 6 (Pitcher #3)

St.Louis 3 (Pitcher #3 & #4)

Big 5 run 2nd inning do to gap doubles and bad defense put St.Louis in big gap they cant make up, Great Pitching by Felix for Minnesota.

Game 2

St.Louis 9 (Pitcher #1)

Minnesota 5 (Pitcher #1 & #2)

Solid Defense and great pitching from the Ace of St.Louis held Minnesota's offense down in the early portions of the game. Grand Slam made the difference in this one.

Good Games.

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