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Wheres Hokkeygirl post ? Its gone. Oh wait, was it really a post about her before anyway ?!

Hokkeygirl has now become a myth on these forums.



GA thread is reborn, time for some ga.


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briana gricius is available 8:41 pm

Name: Miya Age: 19 Interests: Playing on my webcam chatting with others & oldermen i LOVE older men

zalex1414 8:45 pm

Name : Zalex Age : 21 Interest Playing 94, chatting with young little girls, i love young little girls

briana gricius 8:48 pm

do you remember me?.., it's miya.

zalex1414 8:48 pm

all i remember is ur 10 feet large anus

briana gricius 8:49 pm

so what's up?...

zalex1414 8:49 pm

i just shaved my balls

briana gricius 8:50 pm

not much here just got out of the shower went to the gym today :)

zalex1414 8:50 pm

k enough of chit chat

show me your boobs

briana gricius 8:50 pm

love to show off :)

i gotta question do you like a girl with big tits? or do you prefer a girl with a fat ass..

zalex1414 8:50 pm

i prefer girls with a black dick

briana gricius 8:51 pm

show me your dick ;) h

zalex1414 8:52 pm



briana gricius 8:54 pm

dont be shy its 100% free babe just gotta make sure you're over 18 before we make a private room and get naughty

zalex1414 8:55 pm


briana gricius 8:57 pm

let me know when you're in babe..

zalex1414 8:57 pm


briana gricius 8:57 pm


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Someone hacked zalex's aim account I'm thinking.

zalex: (7:59:39 PM) heyy you

nhl94halifax: (7:59:52 PM) hey bud

zalex: (8:00:09 PM) heyy 22/f here..... u????

nhl94halifax: (8:00:13 PM) f? I thought you were male bud.

zalex: (8:00:30 PM) ahhh... have we talked b4???

nhl94halifax: (8:00:53 PM) bud...we've talked several times before...you okay?

zalex: (8:01:10 PM) oh sry i always forget. whats up with you?????

nhl94halifax: (8:01:27 PM) nhl94 bud

nhl94halifax: (8:01:35 PM) starting classic soon

zalex: (8:01:42 PM) well.... im sooooo bored Help meee!!

nhl94halifax: (8:01:57 PM) gdl is over...summit is over..I understand things are tough.

zalex: (8:01:58 PM) lol. it's so lame on here anymore.... i think i'm gonna get on my webbcam wanna cumm join mee???

nhl94halifax: (8:02:16 PM) this is getting weird.

zalex: (8:02:33 PM) ya??? kk i use this site so i can't be recorded but its 1000% free to use i've had an account there forever

nhl94halifax: (8:02:43 PM) how can something be 1000% free...too many zeros bud

zalex: (8:02:49 PM) its really simple and it's like a private chat where you can tell me what to do sound good???

nhl94halifax: (8:03:17 PM) I don't want to do this.

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he upgraded his persona to spammer? nice. maybe moderately-annoying messageboard user is in his future. we can hope.

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that was the weirdest episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I have ever seen.

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GAGA! We're all in the Womens Texas Golf Association : http://www.womenstexasgolf.org/


Oh and a cow that can f**kin talk:

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GAGA! We're all in the Womens Texas Golf Association : http://www.womenstexasgolf.org/


Click here to become a 2011 WTGA member

In 2008, the WTGA launched a new scholarship program

Entries are being accepted for the 2011 WTGA Senior Stroke Play.

The WTGA team includes, Anna Schultz (Rockwall), Robin Burke (Houston) and Mina Hardin (Fort Worth)


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