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Iceguy looking for kulseic, rc69fab, kaykills, dragon


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I need a confirmation from the following guys from Gens and SNES for a good time to clear our games:



chaos (Have you gotten yourself integrated into the league yet? I still see Fenty on the standings)





Mind you, I have contacted Kayills, but the timing has never been good since he's at work. I think the weekend is good for our series.

Please post here to confirm which days are good for you. I want to finish the games soon!

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I changed the heading for the guys you need to play....I also added rc69fab since he wasn't in your original post.

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If someone has kaykills in your AIM list, tell him I'll be here around 4:15 pm after NFL games. Please let him know.

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sorry brother. I will be online all week from about 4pm - 5pm. My problem is that I got rid of all PC's at home and don't believe a Mac emulator will work. I'm limited at work too because I can only play when it's quiet in the office which is about 4-5pm eastern time pretty much everyday. If you're around let me know. Otherwise we'll have to figure something else out, or I'll have to forfeit... let me know if you're available around then.



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