Mav's apology to the 94 community

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The only control I ever "broke" was my Saitek gamepad. I was playing ExciteBike and attempting to break a friend's record time. I tap left on the directional pad to pull a wheelie, and the d-pad FELL OFF. Yes, it fell OFF! O-F-F-! It fell off! Either I have Herculean strength or Saitek's gamepads are crap.

Those who get frustrated over the game need to chill. The fact of the matter is that it's just a game; furthermore, you don't improve until you are challenged and pushed to your limits. Once you are actually challenged, then you will improve if you actually learn from the game and learn from the other player.

If you never beat the other guy, then you never beat him. Not everybody is good at everything. Get over it.

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