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Hihi, I just logged onto this site today at work completely randomly--I forget how/why. Anyway, it's crazy there's a league for this game I grew up playing religiously in elementary school. I haven't played in a while (8 years) but would be down for a test game if anyone wants to. AIM= joinmyarmynow

I had an account on my GEN cartridge that was like 500+ wins and 8 losses, only because I felt bad for the computer during one epic Stanley cup run. Then I left my dorm room in college while someone set up an account and erased it!!##!@

Ah, I just noticed the sticky at the top is reserved for these intros. Feel free to /del this as I will copy and paste up in that thread.

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I used to play the computer with the Hartford Whalers as my team and pull the goalie. That would kind of even the playing field. I would have to play super defense and be real efficient with my shots.

I wish you could up the skill level of the computer like on a scale of 1-100 and find the level at which you could only win about 50-60% of the time to make it fun to play the computer.

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you can. through ROM hacking. I have a team of my friends rated 25 throughout and I play them against the current Bruins and an all star team of all 100s. my Genesis version needs work I may never give it, though. it crashes while trying to load player cards into the menu screen. even though you can hurry through to prevent the crashing, I haven't shared it, yet. I guess I'd be willing to, but I've also changed the player physics, so it plays more like the SNES version. thus, you may just want to learn to hack and make your own game.

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