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I found the explantion kinda confusing for how I can start playing NHL94. What should I play Gen or SNES? Where do I find the downloads? What else do I need to download? What would be a good, fairly cheap controller I can buy to play? What all do I need to download?

I'm not a very computer savy person, links would be nice :)

Cheers and thanks for any assistance, Matt Super Mario

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okay I think it got it underway. What do you guys suggest as a controller for GEN?

use the search bar up top, change the dropdown to "forums" and search for "controller" (i would provide the link to the search results, but the search is done incorrectly on this forum, so it can't be linked..)

there are a few different controller threads you can find in there

I have a saitek p880 (p990 is the new version -- EDIT: nevermind, it appears saitek doesn't make gamepads anymore.. :()

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You can find a lot of Saturn USB controllers on ebay. Just type Saturn USB. They are pretty cheap too, and a lot of gamers say that the original Sega Saturn gamepad was one of the best designed pads.

I had bought a SNES to USB adapter awhile ago from RetroZone. Here is the website : Retrousb.com

It was about $20. They also have ones for Genesis controllers. They also sell Genesis, NES, and SNES USB controllers as well. Though a bit pricey, if you want that feel like you are playing the real game, it works.

As far as what system you should play, SNES or Genesis, try both games out. They are very different from each other, and some swear by one and won't play the other.

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I use my playstation 2 controllers via a usb adapter. SOOOOO much better than a cheap computer controller or the original pads, which kill your hands. You can use the analog stick or the d pad up top.

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