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Hey guys,me and my buddies are in the process of getting everything setup,weve played some games online so far but there seems to be some choppiness to the games,we both have 32 bit vista,good computers with memory and graphics,we have great internet connections,the gameplay for the most part is great but it will get choppy here and there,any suggestions,we have basic knowledge of what were doing but we are not computer guys,also ive read some posts about the things we should hack on the game and i get the basic concept but dont know how to actually do it,are any of u on some kind of teamspeak where someone could help us out,we want to eventually be on your leagues but we are slow starters on getting set up,thx for the help

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choppiness can be common, and momentary lag spikes. the network code of the gens emulator is not like in current games; it's really just hacked into the original emulators that didn't have internet play, so it doesn't do sophisticated lag compensation and whatnot.

make sure you close other programs that are using the internet (don't have downloads going..)

i have found, for my particular home network anyway, that if two people are using the internet at the same time in my house, i get lag when i'm on wireless.

did you use a client/server connection, or p2p connection? when setting up the p2p game, there is a dropdown box for 'smoothing' with the options none, only if UB(?), always, and extra. you can try the different settings to see if they help.

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