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its actuslly 1st and a 1st for 1st and 1st but 66 dropped out of rd 1 for once and its my team ,so wait till halfway point and we will see if im 6-20 like last season,plus shifty deserves some light guys ,i set him up fat last season .and holy f mav ,GET A FN LIFE !LOLOLOL

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hokkeefan trades gilmour and gretzky to shifty for modano and m lemiuex who have agreed to a no trade clause in LA

i forgot to add 6th rd swap of picks we both confirmed before i posted

(shifty )lemiuex n modano n 6.14 for (hokkee) gretzky n gilmour n 6.21

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go jump on on icestorm for trading down to svboda and sanstrom ,hes fat ass,just dont carry it with him ,isnt that what u said icestorrrrrm

lol the difference is i traded down from a position to get federov. You traded freakin Yzerman dumba$$.

I think for 18 slot in draft my team looks pretty decent. Can't wait to see who ur goalie is :)

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To PHX/Zalex :

Pick 4.22 and OB's 7th round pick

TO PHI/OrangeBlack :

Pick 5.13 and SOH's 6th rounder (that i owned)

i edited the 6th rounder it was inatially soh's not mine

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FPB is absolutely correct. We didn't make the rule to stop FPB trading himself a superstar to his team.

First of all, the rule was made to make sure the trading system wasn't abused, for example taking advantage of

novice players and their unfamiliarity of GDL players. This was to make sure any title contender would not have too

superior team compared to others. The trades can still be made,

but trading commitee will review all trades including top10 picks for potential title contenders.

I actually encourage to try it so the commitee actions can be seen and improvements can be made if necessary.

Secondly this does not only concern FPB, but all the other potential title contenders aswell, like IceStorm.

This will and must be handled according to the rules. Since trading commitee will consist of swos, vocally caged and IceStorm,

we will have to find some other veteran player to review IceStorm's trade, because naturally he cannot make decisions for himself.

If 2 out of 3 of trading commitee allows the trade, it's approved.

Now about reviewing a trade there's important things to pay attention to:

- how equal are the traded players compared to eachother, and what will the teams look like before and after the trade.

It's very hard or next to impossible to foresee how the teams will look like if the trade only consist of picks.

If the trade consists of already drafted player it is much easier to see the outcome of the trade.

- how dominant players/superstars are we talking about. We decided to review all trades including top10 picks for now,

but naturally we are talking about much more dominant players in top5 compared to 10th pick. This is a line that still needs reviewing,

and it helps to have these kinds of trades so they can be reviewed.

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I admit my unfamiliarity with players. Ice sold Sandstrom to me as a 5/5 shot, clearly after review he is a 4/5 shot. But still, this trade leaves me with at least a decent goalie and 5 wgt defenseman.

To me, I don't believe the trade is nuts. But, I see how it puts Gilmour into Ice's hands.

I'm happy whether the trade is voided or not. Unless someone can come out and tell me why this trade is stupid for me to take. (The way I see it, is I'm trading a light forward for a light D-man and a fat forward with a great shot)

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Ya i'll leave it in everyone elses hands.

Shifty, Sandstrom DOES have a 5 shot power and 5 accuracy. He is widely regarded as the best sniper in the game along side Ciccarelli.

If you review the trade and current rosters I do believe it was a very fair trade. But I can do with or without it as well.

BigChiefJay 1016 (12:26:19 AM): your call, i like those guys

Icestorm NHL94 (12:26:23 AM): ya i bet

BigChiefJay 1016 (12:26:26 AM): i dunno if you were playin hard

Icestorm NHL94 (12:26:28 AM): not sure it'll go thru tho

Icestorm NHL94 (12:26:34 AM): i was

BigChiefJay 1016 (12:26:40 AM): don't see why it wouldn' go thru

Icestorm NHL94 (12:26:47 AM): didnt have much luck with them earlier eitehr against zalex

BigChiefJay 1016 (12:26:47 AM): it's not a stacked deal

Icestorm NHL94 (12:27:01 AM): its that whole top 10 player thing that swos has

BigChiefJay 1016 (12:27:11 AM): what's that

Icestorm NHL94 (12:27:14 AM): ew can post it, if he denies it oh well

Icestorm NHL94 (12:27:15 AM): we

BigChiefJay 1016 (12:27:23 AM): let's post

BigChiefJay 1016 (12:27:25 AM): i like it

Icestorm NHL94 (12:27:27 AM): he doesnt want 'top tier' players trading into top 10 picks

BigChiefJay 1016 (12:27:28 AM): well

BigChiefJay 1016 (12:27:29 AM): if you want

Icestorm NHL94 (12:27:42 AM): but its def an even trade

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Wait that's not quite fair...is it? I liked that trade, it left me with a team that really suits how I play.

We both agreed to the trade, I'd like more of a say, if possible.

*Edit* I know we both said we'd be ok if the trade didn't go through, but I wouldn't have agreed to it if I didn't want those guys. Also, the trade was contingent on me taking Casey as my 5th round pick. I call BS, but whatever. At the very least, I feel I should get to re-pick my 5th round, but then that isn't quite right because guys are gone that I would have taken otherwise. I was not going to draft a goalie in 5th rd.

BigChiefJay 1016 12:00 pm

ugh. I wasn't going to take casey in 5th round

i've come to expect this from nhl draft

not saying this is your fault

but this is bs

BigChiefJay 1016 12:00 pm

plus, we did both agree to the trade, so unless the rules specifically state that top ten pick CANNOT go to icestorm, then I think it should stand

if rules specifically state that, then he should not have offered the trade to begin with, and I'd like to keep soderstrom or re-pick my 5th round, even though its basically like i fall to the bottom of 5th round picking order

Vocally Caged 12:02 pm

yeah...swos would be in charge of that, there's nothing I can do until he gets on

BigChiefJay 1016 12:03 pm

ok, I just want to put my opinion on the trade thread so I have it on writing, sry man it's just frustrating

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Ice Sends:

Sandstrom (3rd)

Svoboda (3rd)

Soderstrom (4th)

to Shifty for

Gilmour (Top 10)

Suter (3rd)

Casey (5th)

Honestly, just void that stupid rule.

If you think this is ''fair'' and then you go miles to cry on my Mogilny trade then I can't help but say discrimination.

I don't care if the trade goes or not as I see value on both sides of the trade, same as I would with Trades you intended to block on my side. I just think it's a botched rule that has no standards whatsoever, hasn't prooved it does something beneficial neither is it wanted by a lot of people.

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that new rule is just so stupid seriously...it's all about swos' whining from last season playoff

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that's a fair assessment, but unfortunately not true. the decision to do something about the abusement of the system was done during the draft before the last season.

Altough you can't prove that or any of your ''motives''.

No one seems to really appreciate your rule, neither can you prove it's not made simply because of last year's loss, neither can you proove it actually changes something.


It's a travesty. Stop spitting on the name GDL. You changed the rules to TRY to advantage you. At least change the name to SDL (Swos' Draft League), so we don't insult this great league's tradition.

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I think everyone needs to chill out on this rule. First of all Swos is volunteering his own personal time (as is VC and I) to help continue on this great league. He's also hosting the site for the 3rd straight season when no one else on North American soil can or will. People needs to be greateful for the time people spend on running these leagues. If you have suggestions or disagree with rules, be respectful and intelligent in your arguements, more people may listen.

The personal attacks and so called motives you guys are referring to is a joke. The only ask of SWOS by implementing this rule is that higher tiered players dont get stacked teams to help them have an unfair advantage in play. Yes, Frey with Ciccarelli and Yzerman would be a huge unfair advantage (frey just using ur name as an example).

How could this possibly benefit one player over another? It can't, so quit bitching about it. Swos, VC and I will discuss this offline and determine if it needs to be modified or not. Keep in mind, if it's nullified, trades will be MORE scrutinized then ever before, so be prepared for trades to be voided and asked to be negotiated again.

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Icestorm: You can't proove the ''advantage'' that's my problem. 2nd problem is he willingly accepts the trade you made and bitched about a trade I made last year who was way closer to ''fair'' by draft position standards then that. I've tried to reasonate with Swos for in a 4 hours long conversation. He was not willing to be argued with data analysis or anything that could conclude to solid proof. I have resorted to this because he was NOT willing to negotiate.

Swos: Talk about shaddy s**t and changing your speech in between conversations, on AIM you'd block getting a top pick no matter, here it's ''Oh gotta be fair''.


: why would you be the one to get superstar ?

: everyone else wants them too


: So what?

: I TRADED for it


: you are not priviledged to get them


: With my legitimate picks

: I'm not privileged


: everyone wants to do that too


: everyoen can get them


: to trade


: they jsut have to trade for them

: Yeah but they don't want to


: it's not that simple


: get rid of theyr 2nd


: its mostly based on being in right place in right time


: No?


: thus, luck


: Please. Guys who want top picks will offer garbage

: Oh f**k no


: and I dont want luc during draft to decide champions


Right. So why would Ice be ''privileged'' now to have him?

A thing you have failed to proove once again.

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It just seems that all this rule is doing is to try and handcuff the top couple players. It seems that the rule is in place partly do block the newer players from getting "hosed" on getting too little back for elite players. Last season in GDL I traded away a good team and the next season in Blitz from that experience I traded to get a much better team than I drafted. Everyone has to learn from their mistakes.

For example, if FPB wanted to overpay to get Bure from me because he knows that's what he needs to be successful I should be able to use that to my advantage and not let a rule block that.

Just my take on things since I am not part of the "top players" group and have two first rounders.

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