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GDL 8 Draft Round 2


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1-KGman selects Neal Broten

2-Snyder selects Denis Savard

3-Carse selects Sergei Fedorov

4-FPB selects Luc Robitaille

5-Icestorm selects Grant Fuhr

6-Freydey selects Phil Housely

7-Zalex selects Joe Juneau

8-Flasox selects Andrei Kovalenko

9-Swos selects Geoff Sanderson

10-VC select Adam Oates

11-Nahkahomo selects Robert Reichel

12-Habs selects Stephane Lebeau

13-FPB (via trade with Matt then hokkee) selects Alexei Zhitnik

14-Shifty selects Mario Lemieux

15-Iceguy selects Gary Roberts

16-Bo selects Nelson Emerson

17-Snyder (via trade with Houlanov) selects Mats Sundin

18-Sebe selects Benoit Hogue

19-Icestorm (via trade with Dcicon) selects Brian Leetch

20-Beavers selects Tony Granato

Tue 7:00PM21-Matt (via trade with Hokkee)

Tue 8:00PM22-Orange and Black

Updated spredsheet below


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2.6 Housley

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The Nashville Predators select Gary 'is a cool guy, he scores goals and doesn't affraid of anything' Roberts for his 3rd year on the team!

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