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GDL Draft Round 5


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1-Icestorm (from Orangeblack) selects Gary Leeman

2-Hokkee selects Bob Bassen

3-Beavers selects Vincent Damphousse

4-Dcicon selects Dave Manson

5-Sebe selects Doug Wilson

6-Zalex (via trade with Houanov) selects Chris Terreri

7-Bo selects Tommy Sjodin

8-Iceguy selects Vladimir Konstantinov

9-Shifty selects Jon Casey

10-Matthurray selects Mike Vernon

11-Habs selects Steve Duchesne

12-Nahkahomo selects Paul Ysebaert

13-OrangeBlack (via trade with Zalex) selects Dmitri Khristich

14-Swos selects Owen Nolan

15-Flasox selects Cam Russell

16-Zalex (from VC) selects Bruce Driver

17-Freydey selects Norm Maciver

18-Dcicon (from Icestorm) selects Darren Turcotte

19-Hokkee (from FlamingPavelBure) selects Mark Messier

20-Carse selects Sylvain Cote

21- Zalex (trade with Houlanov from Snyder) selects Adam Graves

22-Kgman selects Gord Murphy


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Norm Maciver

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oops i was actually gonnna do that for him :lol:

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