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GDL Draft Round 6


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1-KGman selects Kevin Dineen

2-Snyder selects Steve Thomas

3-Carse selects Dave Ellett

4-FPB selects Alexei Gusarov

5-dcicon (from Icestorm) selects John Blue

6-Freydey selects Kelly Hrudey

7-VC (from Zalex) selects Zarley Zalapski

8-Flasox selects Sergei Bautin

9-Swos selects Adam Burt

10-Orangeblack selects James Patrick

11-Nahkahomo selects Dmitry Yushkevich

12-Habs selects Stephane Richer

13-MattHurray selects Jimmy Carson

14-Hokkee (from Shifty) selects Calle Johansson

15-Iceguy selects Al Iafrate

16-Bo selects Gord Hynes

17-Houlanov selects Yves Racine

18-Sebe selects Mark Howe

19-dcicon (from OrangeBlack) selects Pierre Turgeon

20-Beavers selects Trevor Linden

21-Shifty (from Hokkee) selects Larry Murphy

22-Orangeblack selects Joey Mullen

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give me best goalie available ovrl whe i'l be up. thanks.

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