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Really this came about out of boredome. Wanting to do something creative, i decided to do an NHL 94 roster edit and settled on the year 1996/1997. Along with editing the roster, i also edited the jerseys to reflect the 96/97 NHL season. Line combination's have also been done.

Other points of reference

- All 26 NHL Teams have seen complete roster updates, plus the Western and Eastern conference All Star teams.

- I have no idea how to go about changing player portraits. Some players may have corresponding portraits, others will not. Others will simply have a generic portrait. Sorry about this.

- This hack is to reflect rosters post trade deadline 96/97.

- Handiness of various players is inaccurate. Will try and fix this when i have time.

- Attributes were based on both player traits (Speed, Physicality, Past bodies of work) and Stats from the 1996/1997 season. I will make edits if people have problems with certain players having too low or too high a certain attribute/overall.

Hope everyone enjoys. Cheers.

Edited by Cory
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why doesn't Florida have more forwards?

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Florida has 9 forwards, sc1, sc2 and chk.

Okay I'm an idiot i missed someone when i was editing rosters last night. Darn it. Thanks for cofirming they have 9 FWD's though, don't know how i missed that.

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