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WC RD1: SC (habs/mav) vs AOE (don/soh)

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GM1: axis-of-evil 7 @ Super cunts 13 offensive explosion gm, SC with huge leads in this one after a 6-0 first period.

GM2: axis-of-evil 5 @ super cunts 7

GM3: super cunts 6 @ axis-of-evil 0 series shifts to new york where a dominate defensive performance by sc gets the win

GM4: super cunts 5 @ axis-of-evil 7 axis of evil finally comes out with a nice 3-0 lead, and holds on winning the first elimination gm.

GM5: axis-of-evil 3 @ super cunts 6 back to montreal and SC gets off to a quick 3-0 lead to comfortably cruise to the series win.

SC win series 4-1

gggs, good series.

the super cunts await winner of Chibao Gamo and national mafia in the wc finals

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Tainted! Lowa Warpigz got the shaft again by slackassessssssssssssssssssssssss

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