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Editing Ron Barr's Comments


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they can be edited, but they'll still be repetitve. you can't make him say something different every time, unless you plan to edit the rom before each game you play.

That's not exactly what I meant.

Here in Pittsburgh, Mike Lange on our radio side always says...

"It's a hockey night in pittsburgh! Live from the *insert arena name here* the National Hockey League presents the Pittsburgh Penguins versus *insert team name here*"

I thought it sounded a little more genuine, than robot Ron Barr...

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Is it safe to use a space (space bar key) to fill up, my text is shorter than Ron Barr's comments and I'm in overwrite mode. Just want to ask this to be sure it's not a problem. Don't want to continue to next version of ROM before being sure it's 100% okay :)

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