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Who have you met from the NHL over the years?


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On 11/6/2015 at 1:48 PM, jer_33 said:

Habs Alumni game for charity last night.

Only one player from '94 - Stephane Richer (can still wire the puck).

Others included Nilan, Shutt, J.Lemieux

You probably saw me.

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--I wish I met them, but I have seen a few of them:

- Marty Biron at the Sabres Development Camp (he was in front of me, but talking to someone else so I didn't want to bother them)

- Dylan Cozens and Tage Thompson at the March Madness Shootaround earlier this year (they did talk with someone I was working with though, so that was neat)

- Patrick Kane when he brought the Stanley Cup home in 2013 (the line for taking pictures was way too long, fun day though!)

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Don't see it mentioned here, and wasn't really documented on the Ko94 site, or in McMikey's Documentary but on the day of the original Ko94 tourney in Toronto (Sept 12, 2015) Mats Sundin had his Legends Row statue revealed right outside the window or RealSports where we were playing.

I can't find a good picture/video of the seated crowd for his speech, but did find a video of his Legends Row reveal. I do know that Shanahan and Domi were there, and have to think that a few of the others that still live in the area (CuJo, Clarke and Tucker) were probably in attendance. 

I had obviously been eliminated from the tourney and just happened to notice the crowd outside the window, but the ceremony was private and gated off. I was able to peel the curtain back on the window and watch the whole thing. It was a pretty special moment for a lifelong Leafs fan.


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