"the first thing" about emulation, online, etc.

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you know how people say that they don't know "the first thing" about something? that's how I am with emulators and playing online and stuff, basically a lot of the stuff I read here. and I love Nhl 94 and video games in general, but maybe I just love to play them and talk about them...

I'd love to learn how to do the whole playing online thing. The terminology too, what's an emulator? how wouldf you even begin to play online? I have a ps3, and most games on that have an option to play online? would I need a USB controller? I have an AIM address (clrockny24.)

Sorry I don't know anything. Try not to act too surprised lol.

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"the first thing" you should do is read the forum. There is a ton of info on here as far as playing online goes, a lot of topics are pinned because I'm assuming, the same questions keep popping up and are exhausting to answer. Getting started, Welcome Rookies, etc. It's all real good info. and makes a good reading.

if by then you still have some questions post them and I'm sure some people will help you out.

they set up download packages for the emulators and roms, and hamachi.

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Emulators and Roms

On the main nhl94.com there is a downloads section with emulators and roms. The emulators are more like your console - Genesis and Super Nintendo versions of the games use different emulators which are obvious on the downloads section. The rom is more like your cartridge - it has the game information. When you download them they may be zipped so you'll need to unzip them, but after that all you need to do start the emulator and upload the rom.

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