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Does anyone else play Stinger Table Hockey for the iphone/ipod/ipad?

It costs $1.99 and is well worth it. You use 2 finger/thumbs to control 2 players at the same time, and the gameplay and physics are topnotch - just like real table hockey! It can be pretty slow when the computer opponent has the puck and doesn't know what to do with it, or if you are trying to set up the perfect pass for a one-timer, but it's still tons of fun. You can even create your own teams with logos or pictures you've downloaded. I created old school Sens and Leafs jersies.

It also has a Skills competition (lol). Hardest shot, sniper, and shootout challenge. Plus, it keeps stats for all your players!

If you do play, what are you records? For hardest shot, I've got over 122 mph, and the most goals I have in a game is 9.

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I got on my iPhone I don't like it because my hand hurts after 1 game iPhone hockey game is world nations I hope ea makes a game soon

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