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Hi Guys,

Really hoping someone on here can help with this so thought i'd try to tap in to the collective knowledge.

I've got the Sega CD file of the game. It's my favourite version having had both the Genesis and CD versions when they were originally released. Trouble is I can't get it to load up and play on GENS or on Fusion.

I have the CD bios set up and other games like Flashback CD, Final Fight & Snatcher work absolutely fine. No problem, but for some reason both with NHL94 CD and also Sensible Soccer CD the SEGA CD screen comes up, then Sonic comes on and wiggles his star dust finger, and then.............nothing. The screen goes black and the intro movie never starts.

I'm wondering if it's something to do with me needing a video card on my computer to run those intro movies since both games have them? (Sorry, I know little more than computer basics so i'm just guessing), but surely my computer is a s**t load better than a 16 year old Sega CD?!

Any help would be much appreciated. Absolutely loved the Sega CD version & it's disappointing not to be able to play it again.


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I realise my reply is late but turn on Perfect Syncro in the CPU menu.

Haha. Thanks. Yeah, I googled it after no one replied here, so already done, but thanks for that!

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