NHL 93 or 95 for the PC - Roster Updates?

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Hey Guys,

I'm new here, but have been 'bitten by the retro-gaming bug' once again.

Before I start, I just want to apologize if this is a forum for strictly SNES and Genesis. I'm referencing the PC version of the game - Specifically the old "NHL Hockey" (I think many refer to it as NHL 93 PC) and "NHL 95 PC" which came out on CD-Rom for the PC. (Not the SNES or Genesis ROM emulated on the PC.)

I was happy to find copies of both on random "Abandonware" sites. I've got both games working in windows, but what I'm wondering is if anybody had any links for roster updates?

I know I'm probably in the minority playing these games, but I remember years ago, I was able to you were able to find (on the 'net) newer rosters, updated jerseys, and a hex editor somebody had made (for DOS) to update/edit the old PC versions. I think it was for both NHL 93 and 95 PC.

I'm sure it's wishful thinking in assuming I could find up-to-date rosters, but really, I'm just curious if anybody has a link for me for any rosters post-1995 kicking around somewhere.

I figure this is really the only place to ask, as I've searched google, and can't find anything pertaining to it. I was able to find some random old threads on a forum saying try "NHL95.com", but sadly the most recent posts from those forums are from '05, and NHL95.com seems to no longer exist. :(

Thanks in advance for any assistance or help anybody can lend. I understand it's probably like tryig to find a needle in a haystack, but figured I'd pose the question, and hopefully somebody can help, or point me in the right direction.



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Just did a little more searching around, and found an answer to my own question. Sorry to pose the question before looking more thoroughly.

Seems like there is already a thread on this board regarding this: Here

I notice a lot of that discussion is for NHL 95 PC, what I'm wondering, is there a thread specfically for NHL Hockey for the PC (some refer to it as "NHL 93 PC"). I've been poking around, but it's awfully confusing, as a lot of links are hacks/edits for SNES/Genesis roms (emulator) ports.

Sorry, I would have deleted my previous post, but it seemingly won't let me?

I think part of the issue in my searching of this forum is the fact it won't let you search anything less than 4 characters? So searches like "NHL Hockey" or "NHL 93 PC" or even "NHL 95 PC" (the name of an actual thread on this forum!) can't be searched?


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Welcome to the site bud. I don't know much about the PC versions so I can't help there. The search feature on these forums is weak. The way around it is using google search and having it link back to forums. Pain in the ass, I know. And members can't delete their posts on these forums, only edit. Hope you enjoy your time here.

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