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Hey I'm new here for sure.. Just wanna start by saying, I NEVER HAD SO MUCH FUN IN A GAME AS I DID WITH NHL 94', (especially 2 on 2) And Now I truly know (by way of Finding this site) I AM NOT ALONE!! :) Having said that, I think '95 had better gameplay, But still '94 is #1 IN NOSTALGIA FOR ME AND IS #1 IN MY HEART ETERNALLY!!! Ok My main question is what game would it be easiest and most fun or even feasible (ANY YEAR, (For either Gen Or PS2) But Hopefully 94 0r 95) If I could somehow obtain and install Stanley Cup Team Rosters on one these games, So I could possibly have an in house tourney with my Old School Buddies, who Love these classics as much as I Do, and we can go Reminisce, and participate in the closest thing to time travel VIA NHL 94 or 95.. Any suggestions? THIS SITE IS AWESOME!!! MY GRATITUDE IS LIMITLESS FOR YOUR PASSION!!!! :) **ALSO My friends and I have done this with Madden (2005 2009) On PS2 with the old time rosters and we have soooo much fun every year, we got memory cards online that had all correct teams names and numbers of all SUPER BOWL TEAMS and it makes all the difference, If any of you want these rosters send me a memory card and I'll hook you up) BUT Nothing would compare to NHL Hockey, can anybody help me acheive the same dream with hockey, and again, pretty much any year of EA Game.. THANKS AGAIN!!!

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