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It's not the game mechanics that make scoring this way difficult or rare, shot power rating is the reason. There are only 3 players in the game with rating 100 for shot power and only 18 player with 85. Rest have 65 and less. Shot power is the key for slapshot goals and 65 is slightly above average. With 85 or 100 is pretty easy to score with slapshots. Not that often as in Genesis version where almost every slapshot goes in but still pretty common.


I just played three or four NHL 94 games and scored couple of goals that way. Check the video. All my players (MacInnis, Sutter, Reichel, Roberts and Nieuwendyk) have 100 shot power and 85 shot accuracy (edited) though. I played against Edmonton, Vancouver and Quebec. Except three or four goals I recorded every single one including one rebound. There were around seven shots with puck hitting the post after the slapshot. Of course I missed plenty of shots (I guess shooting percentage was ~ 20 %) but the point is its not the SNES version that sucks but the ratings and it can be fixed.


I think shot power ratings is a bug similar to weight bug in Genesis version. It makes the game less real and it might seem its almost impossible to score  this way. After raising shot power for all players by one level it would be more frequent to see this kind of goal and the game would become more enjoyable to play.


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