Chicago beats Dallas in 7 (GENS B2 semis)

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Chicago wins an epic 7 game series against Dallas to move on to the GENS B-2 finals. Home was the place to be in this series as the teams went winless on the road. Roenick & Co. shot lights out in game one, putting up 8 goals and cruising to a relatively easy 8-5 victory. Game two was a little tighter, with the action tied 2-2 late in the 3rd. Chicago erupted with two quick goals and prevailed to a 4-2 victory.

Back in Dallas, Russ Courtnall woke up and starting finding the back of the net. Dallas finally started to find an answer for Belfour, putting up 6 goals. The held the lead most of the game and finished with a 6-4 victory. Game 4 was an unexpected defensive battle. Both teams clamped down on defense while Belfour and Casey made some great saves. Some missed open nets and some wacky shooting (I believe this was the game when Roenick shattered the glass from point blank) didn't help. Dallas went up 1-0 early in the 3rd and it basically stayed that way until a last minute breakaway by Modano.

Now that the series was tied 2-2, the teams went back to Chicago. Late in the 3rd period, Chicago was up 3-2 with a little over a minute left. PENALTY SHOT DALLAS! Courtnall danced around like a fool, trying to get Belfour to move, and ultimately hit the POST! A momentum changer for sure! Chicago came back with a quick goal to put it away at 4-2.

Back home in Dallas, the Stars were up 3-2 late in the 3rd. Chicago pulls the goalie with a faceoff deep in Dallas territory. Roenick gets the puck and the Dallas' collective sphincter tightens up! As Roenick begins to juke and deke in the center, a timely hold by Tinordi causes JR to lose the puck. Quick outlet to Modano and an empty net goal seals the game, 4-2.

And here we go! GAME 7! Tensions were high in this win-or-go home game. A Roenick slapper from the blue line ripped through Casey's legs in the first minute and another quick goal followed for a quick Chicago 2-0 lead. A Dallas timeout followed by a late period Dallas goal by Courtnall saw the 1st period end 2-1 CHI. Dallas played hard in the 2nd, controlling the puck, trying to avoid crushing hits, and managed to get the lead 3-2 after the 2nd. The Blackhawks came back early in the 3rd period to tie it up 3-3. The flow of the game swung back and forth and ended on a play that encapsulated the series. Courtnall busts through with a scoring chance, dekes to his backhand over Belfour and hits the post! (his favorite target). Chicago comes roaring back and scores with a little under a minute left to go up 4-3. The last minute felt like it lasted forever for Chicago, and ultimately went too quickly for the Stars. Final 4-3. Both coaches finally exhale.

Great games, great series. Don't know if I remembered it quite correctly, but it was definitely exciting!

Good luck to Comeback and Chicago in the GENS B-2 Finals!

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It was incredible! 1 goal seperated us. That's it. Definitely same skill level you can say. I felt that I was running out of options to score on you as the series went on. And Modano, Courtnall and Broten were so f'in hard to knock down at times! great series, good games. Let's team up for SUMMIT B!!!

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Sounds like a great series between 2 really top players................the final's got a lot to live up to now!

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