Differences between '91 and '93

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'91 started it all. '92 might of been similar to '91 but both were kinda different than '93. One of them had city names instead of team names but I forgot which one now. I remember being disappointed as a kid with that and specifically remember "who the heck is Long Island?" I think it started off with '91 had team names, then around '92 they had to use city names because of something to do with the NHLPA copyrights?

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One big difference is speed. From what remember, the first hockey (was it EA or NH Hokcey?) was very fast. Then in '93, it was very much slowed down. Then in '94 -- like Goldilocks would say -- was somewhere in between and just right.

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the fast game is only like that because you've been emulating it incorrectly.

Yeah? That is good to know. What do I have to do to "emulate correctly"?

All I have been doing is loading the ROM and pressing start. What else required?

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The numbers are misleading before NHLPA 93.

EA Hockey (91) and NHL Hockey (92) are the same game.

EA Hockey = 91 (NHL teams changed to International labels) ( ex. USA = NYR, CAN = LA, USSR = CAL)

and this is the game that plays so fast if you don't change the region when emulating.

NHL Hockey = 92 The best game of the series. Plays very slow. No wt bug. No names just numbers. Fighting is rampant.

NHLPA 93 = 93 Faster but still not as fast as 94. Player names, but no Stanley Cup or team names and logos, just cities. Islanders = Long Island. Goalies were horrible. Great organ music for every team. Fighting was more realistic. This was my favorite game for 20 years.

NHL 94 = 94 Is actually the fastest.

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