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Who is the most dominant team in sports video games?


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Chicago is a dominant team in nhl94 Genesis version (not so much in snes) and of course I'm only going by the several suggestions I get over the years that Chicago should be banned in genesis :).

But who are some other teams in sports gaming that were dominant?

I remember playing baseball stars and found that the American Dreams were really tough to beat.

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NBA Jam (SNES) - the Charlotte Hornets and the Chcago Bulls were always super tough, I remember as like a 9 year old spending a whole week trying to beat the Hornets in this game in the challenge game mode. Scotty Pippen on the Bulls and Larry Johnson on the Hornets were deadly with hitting 3 pointers, turning the ball over and hitting the net on the buzzer.

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Tecmo Bowl was the first one with not all of the teams and Tecmo Super Bowl had 28 teams.

To expand on this, Tecmo Bowl had 12 teams, I believe, and was released in 1989. Teams would play either 7 on 7...or 9 on 9 and you only had 4 plays to choose from.

Tecmo Super Bowl had all 28 teams and was released in 1991, 11 on 11 formations and 8 offensive plays....and is tied with NHL94 for the greatest video game of all time.

Dominant Teams:

San Fran - The Montana to Rice connection was unstoppable. It wasn't uncommon for Rice to make catches in triple coverage.

Houston - Strong passing attack led by Warren Moon & speedy recs.

Buffalo - Great all around team.

NY Giants - another great all around team.

Philly - QB Eagles can frustrate any defense.

LA Raiders - Bo Knows Tecmo.

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Great Thread,

- American Dreams in Baseball Stars: Babe, Hank and Joe routinely killed me with homers

- The Amazons in Dusty Diamonds All Star Softball: almost unbeatable

- 49ers in Tecmo Super Bowl. Montana to Rice

- Mike Tyson: Mike Tysons Punch Out, nuff said

- Chicago Blackhawks in NHL 93-95, Roenick, Chelios, Belfour

- Galaxy Aces: Mutant League Football. Bones Jackson

- Brawl State: Arch Rivals. The Mohawk guy, would pants you, punch you out and then dunking it.

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