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Congrats to Grayto....SNES A Champion!


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His first classic league title and his third SNES title overall in his last 5 seasons. After going 36-4 (second best record in history for classic on this site), he then went 16-3 in the playoffs. A dominating season!

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Congrats...............and in beating the previously "undisputed World Champion" you can add that title to your signature too!!!!

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Congrats Grayto!

We have never played against each other.

I'd like to play you for these 2 (1-Night Event) titles next hopefully soon.

This Sunday is good for me.

Monday thru Thursday is good for me after 7:30 PM Pacific time.

Grayto when is a good day or time for you?

Please sign up here.

Snes NHL '94 5min Periods Best Of 7 Game Series Offsides Off


Snes NHL '94 5min Periods Best Of 7 Game Series Offsides On


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Thanks again everybody for another great season. Good to see a lot of new faces mixing it up with the vets and doing well. As always mucn appreciation to Halifax and Chaos for their excellent work.

JeffBC, I know I've never played you and it bothers when I know there are good players whom I've never played. Unfortunately, I don't know what my situation is going to be in terms of connections for the next little while, but I'm always up for a game.

For the kids out there, just keep playing and keep learning, and always play with honour, because you never lose if you play with honour.



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