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Resource for changing teams ice logo palette?

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I want to do custom teams, and I want them in alphabetical order, so for the first team I will substitute the Anaheim's logo with a Swedish teams logo. But does anyone know the code to change the anaheim palette to use the palette from another team? I had a look in the resource wich had a great tutorial on ice logos but it didn't cover this.

Another way of doing this, which may or not be easier... if there's an easy fix to change the order team comes up, for example




changing order to something completely custom

Penguins (renamed custom team and new logo that fits the penguins palette)

Montreal (renamed to custom team #2 and new logo that fits the canadiens palette)


Any ideas? Ever seen a topic like that on this board?

Thanks in advance!

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1. Use NOSE to change the uniforms for the team you're replacing Anaheim with.

2. Import that palette from file. (I am on my mac so I can't reference NOSE, but change from HEX to DEC. When you do that, you'll see the decimal code above the home uniforms in the strips window. That code is what needs to be imported.

3. Change the colors in Tile Molester. No need to use Hex Workshop for this change.

Hope that helps somewhat. Sorry I can't be more thorough. Been a months and months since I've hacked anything...

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