2011 Summit Series : Awards and more

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2011 SUMMIT SERIES : Awards, Records and more


Awards :

The Iron Man : SOH with 88 games played

The Captain Clutch : Sebe with the Game Winning Goal in 57% of his games

The Wrecking Ball : Habs with 4,45 chk for per game

The Unstoppable Ape : Sebe with 5,83pts per game

The 'I rapon while I trapon man': Freydey with the best +/- per game (+1,64 per gm)

The Sniper : Habs with a shooting perc of 50,8%

The Machine Gun : Sebe with 9,35 shots per game

The Undefeated Kunt : Emagix with a 100% winning rate (2wins in 2gms)

The Finisher : Sebe with 4,61 goals per game

The Gentlemen : Habs and Smozoma with 2,25 assists per game each

The Punching bag : SOH with 3,69 chk against per game

The Scott Gomez : OrangeBlack with the worst shooting perc. (21,2%)

The Lazy Ass Russian : Kupuck with the worst +/- per game (-1,57 per gm)

Players Records (One Game):

-Most checks for : Habs with 10

-Most shots : Zalex with 18

-Most points : Habs(2), SOH, Comeback, Houlanov(2), Zalex with 11 each

-Most Assists : DanLizhot(2), Boknows, Zalex, Comeback, Smozoma with 6 each

-Most Goals : Zalex with 10

Team Facts :

-Canada scored 129 more goals than USA in 187 gms

-Faceoffs were won 50,9% of the time by Canada

-Canada completed near 3 more passes per gm than USA

-Canadians did more one-timers overall than americans, (2,6 vs 1,6 per gm for CAN)

-While USA had more breakaways overall, Team Canada scored more breakaways goals overall

-Only 3 shutouts in 187 gms. 2 for USA / 1 for CAN (Comeback was playing in both USA shutouts)

Random Facts :

-Polite died early in the summit. He only played 5 gms. Huge loss.

-Boknows and Comeback are the only USA players that arent in the minus.

-This year summit took just under 3 months to complete

-Whinnings cunts are everywhere, in every team and are definitely gaylords fockers

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USA had 10 OT wins, Canada 9

Most 'productive' player was Sebe, a point every 2:34.

Most 'productive' USA player was Beavers at 1pt/2:45. BoKnows at 3:02 for USA players with more than 4 games

Also check out the "records" stats page and extended team stats

goalie stats

Canada: Goals: 1078. Assists: 911. (.845 assists per goal)

USA: Goals: 949. Assists: 742. (.782 assists per goal)

Canada with more assists, passes, and one-timers, the more playmaking-oriented team.

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Sorry for missing the team pic..can I get my name on the cup?

Thanks awesome buds.

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