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Changing team advantages


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if somebody else could address this one, that'd be great. I have tried to explain this to him and can't seem to get it clearly communicated.

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this is for the genesis. don't know if SNES is the same.


if your team has a good home stat and is the home team, then your players will have bonuses on some of their skills.

if your team has a good away stat and is away, i think they get bonus aggressiveness.


do nothing. the values are related to how many goals for/against the team had in the 92-93 season, but the game doesn't use them for anything


when on the PP, if your team has good better PP than your opponent's PK, then your players get some bonuses to some attributes. shooting accuracy was one of them.

when on the PK, if your team has better PK than opponent's PP, then your players get some bonuses to some attributes.

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I don't know where the period length values are in the SNES ROMs whoops wrong thread

the values are in the bytes near the top of a team's data. so search for the goalie on some team.. then search up from there..

probably the best team to look at is one of the All Star teams, since you can easily look for the "77" value which is the offense/defence.

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he means more than just the 77 (something like 77 02 02), which you will find by seeing the 77s and the few digits afterward, but the 77 part should be easy to spot. remember the post I linked you to in the ROM data mapping thread? look for those six-digit values and change them. it's pretty easy. I think my Scrubs ROM has some detail about which values I ended up choosing to set everybody as fair with low advantages. the information is there in those threads and you should be able to figure it out with some patience. the results are tough to see in-game, though, so do be deliberate, thorough and attentive while making these changes. this is another easy part, like adding the bottles. it is within your grasp, I promise.

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