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23 minutes ago, Premium said:

I also believe the higher the defensive awareness, the easier it is to knock the puck off of your opponent's stick just by putting their stick blade against it (without pressing any buttons). This I'm not 100% sure of, but there was something (I can't remember) that made me think it's the case.

This is 100% true, I've been stating it for multiple occasions. You don't even need to put your stick on the other players stick, just shadow skate right next to him and a 6/5 def awa player is able to steal the puck from 6 stickhandler (It is possible that my skating motion was doing the stick to stick according to computer, just that the range is better with high def awa), I noticed this especially in Velocity league. Datsyuk was gold at shadowing and stealing pucks just by skating. I have noticed that defencemen who have defensive awareness below 4 are usually worse at intercepting passes, but perhaps it is total awareness + some other factors, because Coffey is quite good at it (perhaps it is the same thing - pass reception/intercepting passes)

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