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Does anyone have the original net crease

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you can change the colour in NOSE. It's in the "Rink" window. i think one of the top 5 colours, but i could be wrong.

TileMolester won't copy your colours, anyway. it uses whatever palette is in the game. so use NOSE to change the palette :)

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Yeah but there's something I'm missing here...

I want to use the updated net, with red bars and more white details. In fact, it's already built into the 30 team ROM I believe.

However, I want to use the original goalie crease, or whatever it is called, the half circle thing.. I want the original half circle but with the updated goal net and post bars.

I also want the people in the middle of the ice (Center Mod by WBOY SWOS). But when I apply those hacks in NOSE and save my ROM, they aren't being applied.

Is it only the palette I can change in the ROM? And the hacks in the dropdown list is just to simulate how my palette will look with those hacks applied???

If yes, then how do I get those hacks really applied, I mean, adding the 2 people in the center of the ice, don't know what they are called in english, sorry :)

Basically what I'm saying is: How can I apply the GRAPHICS changes? (Top Right-, Center Right-, Bottom Right-, Pause menu Hack by SWOS)


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It's only for applying the new palette. I thought I was actually applying SWOS hacks with change of graphics (and palette at the same time), but it's just to see how a ROM with SWOS hack would look with the palette you're working with.

But I found a few threads that will probably come in handy, for future references, here they are:




I hope the rink grid will come in handy. I guess I have to paint in Tile Molester to get the original net half circle crease in my ROM

Gonna see first if the trapezoid patch can reverse it to the original graphics... but I guess not.

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Well, I replaced the graphics in the 30 team rom with the original net crease (half circle)... however, it's more complicated than that. Each tile's position and mirror on/off is set in the hex code.

But swos had a guide which will come to great help. I just put this "crease mod" to the bottom of my todo-list, don't want to mess something up when there's still lots of "safe" things I can do with my ROM first :)


I'm doing the Swedish Elite League so that's why I want the original goal crease, but I want to keep the new red post bars:


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