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Is there a roster limit?

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1. Is there a maximum limit of players on a team?

2. Is there a benefit to decide a fixed number of players per team, and just live with the fact that some players can't be in my ROM?

Or can I have one team with 2 goalies, 8 defender, 15 forwards and another team with 4 goalies, 14 defenders and 21 forwards without anything getting messed up with the modding?

I saw in the reference screenshots for Tile Molester than rosters can affect Team Rink Logo palette offsets. That's why I'd like to know the answers to these 2 questions.

I'm only gonna have 12 teams in my ROM so there will be a lot of free bytes left even if I put the complete rosters for every 12 teams. If I get problems I could probably just delete some players for the 30 team ROM NHL teams that won't be used in my ROM. Florida-Washington

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Teams can't have more than 25 players. When recording stats, that's all the room that is there. also, it can only read up to an 'F' character for the number of forwards (15), when in the Edit Lines screen.

Perhaps possible hack:

break the forward and defense limitations in the Edit Lines so you can see all the players when changing an F or D, which will allow you to select any player.

break all the stats recording (goals, assists, PIM, shots, checks, TOI) to avoid the 25-player stats limit.

so you could use any players, but there will be no player stats. not a bad trade-off, i suppose.

but as far as what anyone currently knows how to do... no, 25 is the limit per team.

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Big thanks!

I'll stick with my current setup of 2 goalies, 8 D and 15 F then.

It's tempting to give the modification a shot to let more players into the teams but I've been working so much with this ROM, my whole summer vacation really. Works starts on monday so I don't want to write down any new stuff on the To Do-list :)

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