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zsnes on a Mac


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FYI - Works fine. Zero lag.

Will require you to use Hamachi in order to avoid doing some destination NAT (or what the noobs call "port forwarding") magic. Still need to try using a USB SNES pad, but I don't anticipate any issues there, either.

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There is a 30-day trial version. VMWare Fusion

After the 30 days you need to pay for a license.

It requires an Intel Mac. If that is the case why not just run Bootcamp? I think everyone has a CD of Win XP lying around somewhere. And Bootcamp is free.

You need the Windows XP CD anyway. The only extra step is having to boot into windows instead of having it open in a window.

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VirtualBox is a free alternative to VMWare, and also works on Intel Macs: http://www.virtualbo.../wiki/Downloads

I've used it in windows before (to run windows in my windows, dawg) and it was pretty slick. You'll still need a Windows disc, though. Someone would need to verify the networking stuff still works with hamachi (I don't see why it wouldn't, though, if it works in VMWare).

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