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Calling out every mofapes :excl:






Lets see which one is more in the GA in the 94 world :eyes_droped:

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I use the analog sticks on ps2 controllers.I notice guys who use keyboard are hard to play against cause there turning is quicker and there passing is alot more accurate.Alot of the time I will throw it to wide open guy and it goes fricken awol,but I love the feel of the ps2 analog sticks

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you'll give up the mode and the term upon learning that I 'roller and call it the same.

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I started out with the keyboard and I'm going on with it since my PS2's D-pad on the controller went useless due to the rubber part worn out, so there it is.

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i used to play on 6 button sega controller but have been playing alotta games using keyboard so i might reinvent myself as a keys player when i start playing hardcore again. certain advantages to both ways, comfort and the use of thumbs is big for a pad but much more control and better for pass shots on the keyboard, also general direction is simpler for keyboard, just takes getting used too. we'll see though, once hockey season starts ill probably get that 94 itch again cuz i am most certainly not picking up NHL12, f that noise.

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Woah. I'm using an original Sega Genesis 3 button controller. Anybody else keepin' it real old school?

I used and still have the original 3, then switched to the 6 button original (the bigger one without turbo). The 2011 ROM by clockwise has a manual goalie control hack where you can switch to goalie with the x button. That was why I switched.

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