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Comeback King has been missing from the '94 forums since July 23rd 2011.

This likeable character finished the Spring 2011 Classic as B champion in his debut season beating Pearate's Buffalo with Chicago, and followed it up by again beating Pearate in the B final of the 2011 league, once again, Chicago vs Buffalo.

A few weeks later, amidst talk of marriage & wedding plans Comeback simply vanished without trace from all things '94 related. When he didn't show up to register for the fall classic (entering the A league was a widely known ambition) many of his forum friends expressed concern for his safety & whereabouts.

Did Comeback get married, and as a result has been banned from '94 activity by his new ball & chain.................or is there something more sinister going on here that Pearate's not telling us about, as he bids to take this season's B title?

Below is a photo of how Comeback used to look:


and here is an artists impression of what he may look like today:


Any information on Comeback's current location would be much appreciated amongst his friends here at NHL94online.com!

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For a guy who was online multiple times a week, active on the forums, etc. to completely disappear is a little disconcerting. Sure, marriage can (will) cut into your '94 time, but to COMPLETELY disappear? I hope all is well.

Yeah I agree. He was always on, always playing, talking about his intentions for fall classic, and then...................nothing. That's the thing with only knowing people through the forum, you don't know if maybe it is something more serious than just his other half laying down the law!

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Ok, I tell you the truth,

the two loses in the final was to hard for me,

and I just do the necessary, and make him disappear...

Mouhahahaa ! :victory:

A simple Magic Trick,

I tell you how to do one time...

By the way, I look for someone else...

Jesusplaysnhl94 disappear too...

If you see him, tell him that I like to play a game against him... :exciting:

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he is probably playing xbox 360 games he was into live and such.. I think he left because no one liked kega but him and hokkeefan when he was drunk

wait he liked keg-a beer

5'd n fav'd. I think Comeback just left to add to his mystique. You can't be the Comeback King if you don't leave every once in a while.

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