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What the hell is "GA" haha


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I'm new to this site and saw the GA tribute on youtube, awesome clips btw, and I read people's posts involving "GA" and I don't know what you mean. I think it's some kind of awesome inside joke about the way "it's in the game" sounds, but could someone care to explain the origins of "GA" and what it means? haha thanks

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When I see a member that registered one week ago, talking about GA Tribute and GA stuff, I cant help but laugh big time. Me and Freydey created a monster.

Oh man, where to start.

1. You, my friend, are in the GA because you dont even know what is GA, yet you liked GA Tribute.

2. You are right GA is/was some inside joke. Its now a huge part of 94 culture. In a way, GA is kinda like aids, since it has infected everyone in this community. Unlike aids thought, you dont die from GA (theres one exception known as WAGS).

3. Origins of GA

To make a LONG STORY, short, lets say GA was some big inside joke between Freydey and I (and other friends) since high school. We had a french teacher named M.Pierre. He would spend every class doing a comedy show and doing the most wack stuff you've ever seen. Sometimes, he would mimic two students throwing insults at each other saying : 'You're gay. You're fat. You're ugly. You're stupid' and he would add : GAGAGAGAGAGAGA.

Everytime he would yell GAGGAGAAGGA for what ever reason, it was incredible. That man made me laugh harder than any stand up guy ive ever seen. Over the school year, GA had become the most used word by Zalex Freydey and Friends .

Since then, GA has been part of our life. When we joined 94.com we also introduced you mofapes to GA.

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Haha, thanks a lot zalex I wasn't sure if you'd actually bother to explain or just say some weird as GA joke lol. I think that's hilarious, that is such an odd inside joke but yeah you're right it has spread everywhere. I feel like everyone on this damn forum has something funny to say about GA. I hope that someday I will be able to add a GA joke here or there, because this just seems like gold.

Great job you guys, you made a weird ass inside joke become legendary haha.

Thanks for explaining man

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Okay so now that I have a semi-understanding of what GA is, what is the significance of "wtga" "rapon" and "trapon" haha?

Also, is it preferred to be pronounced G-AH or G-AY?

Thanks a lot!

Personally, I pronounce it "GAH", but I'm not sure.

WTGA - "What the GA?", akin to WTF.

I've come to know that the "ON" suffix is also a part of '94 lingo, and RAPON (rape) and TRAPON (trap) are two terms in particular used to describe games. A blowout, or high score, is a RAP-ON while the tight defensive TRAP game, is TRAP-ON.

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Personally, I pronounce it "GAH"

You say GA ? To who? Your boss ?

Halifax once thought WTGA meant way to go a**hole.

Mofape is just another word we created out of no where. When you're both a Mofo and an Ape, you are a Mofape.

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