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Blitz 06 - Roll Call!


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Please post below to say if you're still interested in playing in season 6 of Blitz.

It's getting really close now, and I want to know if everyone is still in, in case there needs to be some last minute replacements.

If you want to join the league, please use the waiting list

flamingpavelbure has quit the NHL94 world for a while. That left a hole in the "A" league. skoolyardpuck asked about being in the league a few months ago, and since he's A-calibre (or at least was in season 1!), I've given the team to him. Posting this now, I realize it might have been better to promote a B guy and fill a B spot from the front of the waiting list, but I've already asked him, soo... oh well.

Anyway, please post if you're in, and try to track down everyone who hasn't replied yet!

:( - out

ph34r.gif - no reply


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