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Congrats on finishing the season!

1. Quebec (Sharksaddict) - 65pts (bye)

2. Montreal (Joe Baker) - 52 pts (bye)

3. Pittsburgh (kupuck19) - 51 pts

4. Winnipeg (jonatan) - 46 pts

5. Boston (dpinchhh) - 42 pts

6. Chicago (docnabx85) - 40pts

Pittsburgh vs Chicago, winner plays Montreal

Winnipeg vs Boston, winner plays Quebec

Best of 7 series, higher seed has home advantage...good luck!

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Wanted to confirm the Quebec-Winnipeg series. It was an instant classic, my hands are shaking so badly that I can't type.

Game 1: Quebec 3-2 Winnipeg

Game 2: Quebec 4-6 Winnipeg

Game 3: Winnipeg 5-7 Quebec

Game 4: Winnipeg 5-4 Quebec (Winner scored with 4 seconds left!)

Game 5: Quebec 9-4 Winnipeg

Game 6: Winnipeg 4-3 Quebec (Winner scored with 14 seconds left!)

Game 7: Quebec 5-4 Winnipeg (Winner scored with 53 seconds left!)

Jonatan, you were absolutely incredible and I almost feel regret that you lost. This was by far the biggest challenge I've faced on here, Jonatan played the best goalie I've seen on this site (including my exhibitions with some of the best players out there) and he scored at will at times. I wish I had taken video of it, but it's too late now. Wow is the only word to describe this one.

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Thanks SharxAddict :D Really crazy series, most enjoyable games I've played even though the lag. Best of luck to you in the finals and in the A-series next season!

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Another close series to confirm, thankfully for my heart it wasn't quite as close as the first one

Game 1: Quebec 3-2 Pittsburgh

Game 2: Quebec 10-4 Pittsburgh

Game 3: Pittsburgh 7-6 Quebec

Game 4: Pittsburgh 6-7 Quebec (OT)

Game 5: Quebec 3-2 Pittsburgh

Kupuck is a classy guy, a great sport and a really great player so I'm proud that I was able to get past him. Looking for some promising stuff from him in the future

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confirmed - great series sharksaddict and goodluck in the finals! sharksaddict is very talented and had an awesome first season, definitely earned his place to play for the championship. Been a very fun SNES lg guys - hope to see everyone back next season!

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