NHL 95 on DOS / PC -- Obscure Questions


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I have recently been playing both NHL 94 and 95 on PC again after many years away from the games (these days using DOSBox of course). Man, these games are STILL awesome after 17-18 years!

I have two somewhat obscure questions about the game controls that I probably used to know the anwers to but can no longer recall:

1) In either game (94 or 95), how the heck do you take a timeout? I cannot find a menu option for it. Is there a keyboard control for this? The 94 game actually shows an area that says Time-Out as part of the scoreboard, whereas this shows up as blank space instead in the 95 game. I *thought* there was actually a way to do this??

2) How do you select to play a line that does not match your current game situation? For example, you are actually at even strength but you would like to select your PP1 or PP2 line instead of the regular Lines 1-4. I would have thought this was impossible and yet I see the computer controlled team doing this from time to time, even after a stoppage of play (so it can't be just a line that has stayed on the ice from a previous power play, right?). Is there a way to do this intentionally or is this just a "feature" that only the computer can activate?

Also, a less-obscure question (I hope): how do you successfully execute one-timers in 95 on the PC? They are so EASY in 94, I can just do them all day and score on a very high %. But in 95, most of the time I fail. I am able to start the pass just fine with Alt but the player who should be receiving the pass and shooting just speeds up and zooms away as soon as I hit the Spacebar, so my pass winds up being useless. Any tips?

Thanks all,


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I've never seen an option to take a timeout in NHL95 for PC. Also, I don't think there's a way to put out your PP lines even though the computer will do it when he's down late.

I think for the one timer you want to wait to hit space until the puck comes nearer to your player, and you don't want to select that player beforehand.

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