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Toronto Sweeps Away the Wings


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Game 1

TOR 2 @ DET 1 OT

Game 2

TOR 3 @ DET 2 OT

Game 3

DET 4 @ TOR 5

Game 4

DET 5 @ TOR 7

Smozoma and his Leafs took the #2 seed Detroit down in 4 games, despite losing two out of three to the Wings in regular season. Games 1 and 2 were extremely close defensive battles, but Gilmour carried the torch for the Leafs scoring all goals on the road sealing both games in overtime. Game 3 Detroit fell behind quick 2-0, luckily Matt Foley was in the Toronto crowd and was able to make it to ice level for another motivational speech, the wings battled back but fell short by one goal for the third game in a row. Game 4 Toronto would gain a 6-2 and 7-3 lead in the third period, but Detroit was unable to fight off the big deficit. Smozoma proved the better coach and won 4 very close games. Great series and good luck to the leafs in the finals.

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GGs, another tough series, the 4-0 game count doesn't reflect how close the games were (except the last one).

Game 1:

TOR 2 @ 1 DET OT


(points for toronto players include previous series)

1-2:22: TOR: Gilmour (7)

1-4:12: DET: Ciccarelli (1)

OT-2:06: TOR: Gilmour (8), Borshevksy (7), Gill (2)

The trapon was strong in this game. If I recall correctly, kupuck had a break and deked out Potvin, but hit the outside of the post with the shot (or was that the next game?)

Game 2:

TOR 3 @ 2 DET OT


1-0:10: DET: Ciccarelli (2), Lidstrom (1), Yzerman (1)

1-4:36: TOR: Gilmour (9), Anderson (2), Macoun (5)

2-1:47: TOR: Gilmour (10)

2-3:31: DET: Yzerman (1)

OT-1:04: TOR: Gilmour (11), Anderson (3), Gill (3)

Gilmour wins it on a similar shot as last game, beating Cheveldae low glove side.

Game 3:

@TOR 5 - 4 DET


1-0:24: TOR: Gilmour (12), Macoun (6), Gill (4)

1-0:49: TOR: Gilmour (13), Borshevksy (8), Gill (5)

1-1:15: DET: Yzerman (2), Coffey (1)

2-2:01: TOR: Gilmour (14), Anderson (4) ** 8 straight goals in the series by Gilmour for Toronto.

2-2:35: DET: Ciccarelli (3)

2-3:25: TOR: Borshevsky (4), Anderson (5), Gilmour (1) ** yes, gilmour's first assist of the playoffs

2-3:42: DET: Ciccarelli (4), Yzerman (2)

2-4:18: DET: Yzerman (3), Cheveldae (1)

3-2:42: TOR: Anderson (3)

Toronto gets a quick lead due to a couple garbage goals, and makes it 3-1 on his 8th straight goal of the series for the Leafs. Kupuck figures out the secret to beating the Toronto D (the secret being, don't beat the Toronto D), but it's not enough to get the win as the Leafs catch on and shut things down in the 3rd and get a goal from Anderson to win it.

Game 4:

@TOR 7 - 5 DET


1-3:01: TOR: Gilmour (15), Anderson (6), Borshevksy (9)

1-3:54: TOR: (SH) Anderson (4)

2-0:06: DET: (PP) Ciccarelli (5), Yzerman (2)

2-2:17: TOR: Anderson (5), Borshevksy (10), Macoun (7)

2-2:39: DET: (SH) Ciccarelli (6)

3-0:16: TOR: Anderson (6), Macoun (8), Borshevksy (11)

3-1:54: TOR: Gilmour (16)

3-2:28: TOR: (PP) Gilmour (17)

3-2:42: DET: Yzerman (4), Fedorov (1)

3-2:57: TOR: Gilmour (18), Borshevksy (12)

3-3:06: DET: Ciccarelli (7), Yzerman (3)

3-3:57: DET: (PS) Yzerman (5)

Now, at this point, you may be thinking, "obviously the key to beating the Leafs is to shut down Gilmour." Glenn Anderson scores a hat trick, invalidating your theory.

Special teams finally result in some goals, each team scoring both a PP and a SH goal.

It was 3-2 heading into the 3rd, and then the defense just stopped trying (except Todd Gill, see below), leading to 7 3rd-period goals.

The big story in this series was Toronto's defense, which even when under AI control are making great plays all over, cutting off passes and knocking pucks off sticks, including this completely demoralizing save:

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