SNES B FINALS! Boknowsnhl94 vs sharksaddict!

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Sharksaddict from B1 and Boknowsnhl94 from B2 meet in the finals! Boknows has home adv for the!

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Another heart pounding series, and somehow I came out on top in 6! My random OT skills saved me.

Game 1: Buffalo 6-7 Quebec (OT)

Game 2: Buffalo 7-3 Quebec

Game 3: Quebec 5-4 Buffalo (OT)[bo tied it up with 1 second left!]

Game 4: Quebec 7-1 Buffalo

Game 5: Buffalo 9-7 Quebec

Game 6: Quebec 5-4 Buffalo (OT)[bo scored 2 goals in the final minute to send it to OT]

Some serious tough luck for Boknows, he's another classy guy and obviously had a ridiculous season, putting up an insane record and setting the record for least goals given up. Great guy too, look forward to him doing some damage in A next season. I'm thrilled to have won, looking forward to playing with everyone again soon!

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Mogilny needs to grow some balls.. not making excuses but he went down in game 1 for the game in the first period, then games 3 and 6 he went down in the 3rd. Guess I was better off without him in game 6.... great series none the less ggs.

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Congrats to Sharksaddict for being the B champion! Awesome job finished 4 rounds of playoffs in under 2 weeks! AWESOME!

And big shout out to boknowsnhl94...this was his first season of SNES....and he had an incredible run!

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