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Roster advice (from me) + my 2012 rom


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*update* finished 16 teams.

Hey, so by no means did I make this thread to preach my methods of making my rom, rather just giving advice, if wanted.

I don't feel how I've gone about making the ratings is the "correct" way, or is better than anyone elses, just thought it was a good method, and the group of friends I play with locally (high school buddies, on a game doctor) also agree that the ratings are fair.

So, after spending some time checking around, I found a few websites to help me make teams with fairly accurate ratings.

After making a team, I'd go into the rom, make the team I just completed home and away, and make minor tweaks until I feel the players rating is accurate to what I know/have read about that player.

I also created the teams to be fairly on par with eachother, while not making every team identical. The best teams in the game, are still the best teams in the game, but it isn't like NHL 94's ratings where if you chose Anaheim everyone on your team would be a 50...

Anywho, due to the fact it took about an hour to make each team, I've only done 16 teams.

So, use it as a tool, use it for fun, or just completely ignore it... Just don't tell me it sucks, because this is for me and my buds, and we don't care :).

Feel free to complete the rom as well.

So, first things first I'd use this website to construct the team: http://www.capgeek.com/depth_charts.php?team_id=22 making the top line the top 3 players in the editor, the second line the next 3, and so fourth. Left wing first, centre second, right wing third, and back to left wing at fourth, and so on and so on. This made it easier to make the lines when editing it later on. I'd then do a second check with: http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/forums/show/3745.page;jsessionid=25C5004ACB86398438B8817B28B60044 to check with other people's opinions.

Second, I use this website: http://www.forecaster.ca/thestar/hockey/playerindex.cgi to get information on individuals, and base their ratings on the tidbits of information provided, as well as use their previous year(s) stats to make their overall ratings a certain way. As a general rule of thumb, the fourth liners would typically be around 40-50ish rating, third liners 50-high 60's (depending on the player) second liners high 60's to 80's, first liners high 70's to high 90's (Depending on the player).

And third, I used some of the completed roms to do the jerseys (credit to trudatman, as I used all his jersey colours)

I also added water bottles... And made every team that I've completed bonuses 4 for offense 3 for defense 2 for power play 1 for PK and 1/1 for home / away just to make things fair.

What my group of friends will do is select 6 teams each and do a best of 7 (using each team at least once), if the series goes to a game 7 we each choose our best team and compete that way. So I guess that's why I stopped at 12 teams... and lack of time!

Anyways, here's the rom.

Hope it helps with making the rosters... If not, disregard! Thought I'd spread some assistance :)

Oh, the completed teams are: Anaheim, detroit, chicago, boston, san jose, vancouver, washington, LA, Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh, New York Rangers, New Jersey, philly, buffalo, toronto, and nashville. Might do more later.

Oh, and if anyone's in the Vancouver region, we're planning on doing another 2v2 tournament sometime. We've met other locals and have gotten about 8 teams.

I'm sure you know JeffBC, he came out one time. Him and his partner got destroyed. Hope we can find some more locals. :D


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thank you. checking it out right now. I hope you used my most recent ROM for the jersey colors, as they have changed for this season. "waste of time" reads to me like your pussy hurts and you can't be bothered, but I think you should try to get the rest of the teams done (except Minnesota and Columbus or something like that). if you don't get them all done, it isn't the end of the world, but it would be great to have a completed game and I quite like the way you have done the ratings. when it came to individual skills, did you have a formula for some attributes? I have a little chart taped to my monitor:







SH%->shot accuracy






SV%->goaltender overall









well, yeah. so... thanks!

edit: what are the differences in the two files? also, check out the SNES Checksum Fix application -- help your downloaders run it easily by defeating the sum check ahead of the downloads. there is no reason to have Marc Savard in the game -- he'll never play again. having Corvo as #77 is fairly offensive. pretty sure Northstar did that, too. also, McQuaid at 51, overall... no. just because he is a third-liner doesn't mean he sucks. switch his rating with Corvo and it's much better. I do understand that you want the third lines to suck, but what if they don't really suck? great stuff. good work. keep at it, please!

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My format for editing players is based on what this website: http://www.forecaster.ca/thestar/hockey/playerindex.cgi says, and my own knowledge of the player.

if their pros are good shooting they get an 85... same goes with speed. I also take into account their goals... if they have a lot of assists they'll get an 85 for passing, if a lot of assists + it's said they're excellent passers they get a 100... Etc etc.

For the most part top players will get 55-65 for mostly everything as default, unless they're superstars. But all my info comes from that.

Formula for PM is pretty much similar to yours, however I also take into account time on ice.

There's 16 teams done... Still need to add 20 minute OT periods. :-(

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