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I made the write-up a spoiler so if you wanted to watch the series unfold, you can watch the game videos posted below. I wish the videos didn't show a snapshot of the game as a thumbnail though... :(


The Toronto Maples Leafs (smozoma) win the Fall'11 GENS B Stanley Cup in 6 games over the Tampa Bay Lightning (kingraph)! In a close series where two games were decided by two goals or less and the other 4 by one goal, Doug Gilmour and company managed to do enough to come out on top!

Game 1: 11 seconds into game 1, TB's Mikael Andersson sloppily tapped in a goal past Potvin, to give TB the early lead. A great start for TB! That lasted about 35 seconds, as Doug Gimour drew in 3 TB defenders to TB's corner, shrugged them off like flies and set up a sweet one-timer across to Boreshevsky, who was patiently waiting for the puck next to Young. 1-1. Toronto would go on to score the next 3 goals, as Potvin stuffed any attack by the TB offense. Bradley managed to score halfway through the 3rd to make it interesting, but it wasn't enough and TOR held the lead to win 4-2.

TOR 1 - 0

Game 2: In a mirror image of game 1, Toronto scored early to go up 1-0, followed by TB scoring the next 4 goals. It was 4-1 after 2, and then Toronto started to come back. Two quick goals made it 4-3 with a little under 3 minutes left in the 3rd. Plenty of time left and the momentum was swinging Toronto's way. The key sequence in the game came around a minute and a half left. Andersson intercepts a Boreschevsky pass to a sure one-timer goal to Gimour, only to give it right back to Glenn Anderson, who then coughs it up to Marc Bergevin! Bergevin to Andersson to Bradley for the goal! 5-3, and TB managed to hang on for the win.

TIED 1 - 1

Game 3: Toronto jumped out to a 2-0 lead after the 1st period. A penalty on Brian Bradley saw TB put Chris Kontos in at center to keep a potential scoring threat on the ice. The tactic worked as Kontos scored 2 goals to tie up the score. Solo efforts by Doug Gilmour and Mikael Andersson saw the score tied at 3-3 to end the 2nd.

TB came out firing to start the 3rd, with about 6 shots in 2 minutes. Potvin was a wall, but Kontos, still at center, broke through for his hatrick goal to put TB up 4-3. Toronto fought back hard and Boreshevsky tied it up to finish regulation.

It only took 16 seconds for Doug Gilmour to put an end to game 3 as he deked to his backhand and fired a forehand wrister past Young on OT.

TOR leads 2-1

Game 4: On one of the wackier plays of the series, TB goes up 2-1 on a missed backhand pass shot that ricocheted off the boards, off of Potvin's skate and into the goal! Afterwards, Toronto dominates play and scores 4 unanswered to go up 5-2, early in the 3rd. TB refuses to lay down, scoring 2 goals in less than a minute to make it 5-4, still early in the 3rd. Gill scores on a long one-timer, a goal Young wishes he had back, deflating TB's momentum. Bradley, the leader of the team, knocks down McCoun with a body check at the blue line, drives in and scores on a backhand deke to make it a one goal game. Ultimately it was not enough, as Toronto took a 3-1 series lead.

TOR leads 3-1

Game 5: Either both teams clamped down on defense or it was sloppy play, you decide. One goal managed to get scored on a routine one-timer by Kontos to put TB up 1-0.

SLOPPY play by TB as Young leaves the puck for an icing, only to be retrieved by Toronto! Giveaway leads to a Gilmour goal to tie it up 1-1!

But Toronto returns the favor. TB ices the puck and Potvin leaves it alone only to find Kontos and Andersson chasing the puck! Potvin comes out to crush Kontos, but the puck trickles to Andersson who hits the empty net as Potvin couldn't make it back in time.

Toronto D must have gotten yelled at for leaving Potvin alone because the next play the were surrounding him, to the point of blocking him away from a Bradley slapper. Gilmour scores late, but the damage was done as Tampa takes game 5 in a sloppy one.

TOR leads 3-2

Game 6: Gilmour and company controlled the 1st period, going up 2-0 after one. A penalty on Bradley forces TB to put Kontos in to keep an offensive presence on the ice. Sound familiar? (see game 3). It works again as TB ties up the game at 2-2! More penalties on TB, again on Bradley, leading up to a 5-3 for Toronto. While managing to kill one penalty, Glen Anderson controls the puck and patiently drives into the TB zone. He sneaks around behind the net and sets up a beautiful one-timer pass to Boreshevsky to put Toronto up 3-2. Roman Hamrlik was anticipating, and must've smelled the puck go past him to the demise of the TB home crowd. This proved to be the series clincher as TB could not stay out of the penalty box and could not get one past Potvin at the end.

Toronto wins series 4-2

Great overall series, vggs, very exciting and fun to play. Both teams had good goals, blown chances, good goalie play, questionable goalie play, missed opportunities and lucky bounces! The whole series ebbed and flowed and at the end Toronto did enough to win the Stanley Cup! A well deserved victory to one of the great members of the '94 community! Congrats smozoma!

Oh, and you have to come back next year to defend your title! :D

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Gens B : Kingraph is a great player ... he will have a good season but he wont be able to win it all in the playoff. Bradley can only carry you so far. Smozoma is going to bounce back from a disappointing GDL season and win the cup with Gilmour as his MVP.

Next time im gonna bet real MONAY

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Next time im gonna bet real MONAY

heyyy BRAVO

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Congrats to both guys. KingRaph has proved without doubt he's an A player now after making the finals with the worst team in the B league. Question is, will Smozoma fancy an A return?!

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Yes, this is (finally) my first title. I thought I was going to blow it like in Blitz 1 "B" (was up 3 games to 2 and was in OT in game 6, but lost OT and game 7), but I managed to hang on!

With a better team, KingRaph surely would have won. Young let in some easy easy goals (various floaters, and Gill's one-timer from the top of the faceoff circle), and the Tampa players are slow (Andersson is the only one on the team with 4 speed) so can't skate with the Leafs (I played Anderson-Gilmour-Borshevsky the whole series... except when I tried Clark at C on a PP and got scored on immediately!). Speaking of the PP, it seemed like any time one of us got a penalty, KingRaph was going to score (even if it was him shorthanded!). Bradley also missed the net on some sure goals (and hit a post on some bad GC), which didn't help in these close games.

I think this is my Classic League retirement moment :D

Won the Cup with the Leafs... I'm done in Classic :P

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:lol: I remember writing down on my notes "the Wendel Clark experiment lasted about 1 minute", but I forgot to put it in my write-up.

And that's 1 in-game minute, so like 25 real seconds :D

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