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I wanna thank halifax for running such a great league. I know

he's not alone and I'm missing a few props to a few others that helped.

These guys do a great job, I had fun coming back to 94.

Thanks to Xot82 for recording the games, you can view them in the video's

section. I'm sure he wasn't thrilled about posting a series he lost, but

the video was posted a few hours after the series was over.

I really wanted to win 1 title, after having lost years ago to Jota in 7.

So I had the best teams 1 through 10 ranked, and got lucky, drafted the best

team in the game imop. They are a huge handful. All of them big & can hit.

Not to mention a guy at center that can score goals very few players in the game

can score. Some of you say that skill is greater than the team you draft.

I agree somewhat, however there's a handful of players very close in skill in this

league, and I just don't think its fair when Schwartz has to hit mario 3 times to knock

him down, and all his whalers crumble when hit back.

I look forward to defending my title, and playing more for fun next time.

I also hope guys like Grayto, JotaC, and oilers94 can join next season. 2 Previous

champions, and I know oilers can handle himself in any 94 league.

Now we just need the Leafs to win the cup and everything will be well in the world

once again. :)

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Poker, I'm assuming you meant me (Oilers94 hasn't posted here in over 5 years :P).

Congrats on winning it all bud and thank you for the shout out. I will say that playing you probably frustrates me more than playing anyone else in the league, but it's obviously indicative of your skills as a player. And you just won the title, so maybe I won't get as frustrated next time knowing that I'm playing/losing to an official league champ. Regardless, your playoff record this season was outstanding and certainly worthy of high praise. Great job man :)

And yes, Pitt is too heavy...someone please ban them from the leagues in the future, lol jk ;)

Congrats once again Pokerchamp and enjoy this title because I'll be gunning to win it all next fall when I'm finally in the leagues (unless grayto re-establishes his dominant presence once again).

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Ya. Some of it was pitts & some of it was dumb luck that I

went 16-1. I played a handful of games that were 1 goal or tied

games going into 3rd. I think it happend vs u in game 3, was tied 2-2

and you setup a wide open net one timer, and I believe my player stopped it.

Seconds later I came down and scored. I had a game like that every series where

my opponent had a grade A chance to take a lead, didn't capitalize and I came

back not 20 seconds later & scored.

Would be nice to have you back Oilers. I'd like the league to be as deep

as possible. Bringing the guys I mentioned back makes wins that much tougher,

and I think makes it alot more competitive.

If Jota comes back, wait till you guys see some of he's moves.

Very creative player

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